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Why use lavender oil for dogs?

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If you are looking to use any kind of essential oil on your dog, you really should be using lavender oil. Using lavender oil for dogs for dogs is a wonderful idea because this kind of essential oil has got a lot of advantages. And it is also completely safe to use on any of your dogs as well. If your dog needs some kind of flea bath treatment, for example, you can just use lavender oil in place of chemical flea treatments. You would be surprised at how well lavender oil for dogs will work in treating their flea infestation.

This is because when you use lavender oil for dogs you will not only get rid of the fleas that are currently living in your dog’s fur, you are also able to kill the flea’s eggs as well. Lavender oil also works great as an insect repellent. So you can essentially prevent fleas from trying to get into your dog’s fur because you can repel them with the smell of lavender. Other insect parasites that lavender oil will repel are ticks and other kinds of parasites that may want to live in the fur of your dog.

Dogs also love the smell of lavender. In fact, you may even love the smell of lavender too. As an added bonus, the smell of lavender oil also will relax your dog as well. So when you use lavender oil for dogs, you are making them more relaxed whenever you are giving them a bath of any kind. They will simply love being washed in baths which contain the slight smell of lavender oil. Lavender oil is a very pleasant smell for dogs, which can cause them to relax even more. And best of all, the smell of lavender will cling to them for a long time which can allow them to smell good for longer periods of time.

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