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Why Essential Oil Flea Spray Is Effective?

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People as of late have been looking for ways to treat their pets’ fleas and some of them have tried to use essential oil as a flea repellent. So, the question is; is it safe to use essential oil on your pets? First things first. There are things that you should know about essential before you introduce to them to your pet dog or cat for there are some oils that don’t go well on them and there are many pets that have died thanks to the poison that is produced by the essential oil.

So, here are some important information that you should know about the use of essential oil flea spray on your pets.

  • This is a pretty powerful insecticidal oil, perfect when using it as a flea repellent.
  • Cedar wood. Another ingredient for insect repellent, especially fleas, as long as you mix them with lemongrass or citronella.
  • This is a very strong ingredient for bactericide, pesticide and fungicide.
  • This maybe soothing and relaxing on humans but it can actually kill fleas and insect. Perfect for making an essential oil flea spray.

As long you as know which ingredient that is perfect for making an essential oil flea spray then you don’t have to worry about accidentally poison them. There are some essential oil that are poisonous and toxic to sensitive animals, especially if it is cats and dogs. In order to avoid making a tragic accident these ingredients that are listed above are perfect for your essential oil flea spray.

As long as you have done your research beforehand then you have made the right decision and prevent the worse from happening. For these ingredients are standalone perfect flea repellents that will kill and will enhance the health of your pets fur coat.

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