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Natural tick repellent you can use

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Did you know that there are natural methods that you can use to repel ticks and fleas from your home and from your dog? These natural methods are very useful as well since it doesn’t only go to what you need it to function but it can help you with other things like your food. That is why here are the natural ways for you to repel ticks.



  • When you havea rosemary plant then you can bet that it is perfect to repel ticks from your dog or your home. This after all is a natural tick repellent that can help in lessening the accumulation and preventing the presence of ticks. Also a rosemary is a delicious ingredient for a meal which mean you got two worth for the price of one.


  • Another natural tick repellentis lemongrass. These things can be hard to cultivate but this is also amazing in repelling ticks and fleas from your home and for your dog. The reason might be because of its distinct scent or because of its natural chemicals. Also this isn’t hard to plant that is why it can be very useful since you can use this in dishes.

Rose geranium

  • A lot has had this and it has proven to be very useful when it comes to diminishing the presence of ticks and fleas in their home and in their dog. This is also another natural tick repellentthat you can buy in small bottles if you don’t want to plant one yourself.


If ever you want something natural to help you repel ticks and fleas then you can try planting any of the following stated above. This way you wouldn’t have something to help repel but also another exotic and delicious ingredient for your dish. That is why if you wanted to you can try this and tell your friends and family about it too.

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