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Natural Flea Remedies for Dogs

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Are you looking for flea remedies for dogs? There are many to choose from but some of them are better options for various reasons. Here are some of the best ones that aren’t just effective but also natural:

Flea Collars

One of the natural flea remedies for dogs is the flea collar. However, this type doesn’t include harsh chemicals but instead it’s a natural version. They include a mixture of different ingredients such as essential oils. The great thing about this remedy is that your dog can get 24/7 protection by always wearing the flea collar.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This might be one of the most surprising flea remedies for dogs. You probably know that vinegar is acidic, but you might never have thought of it as a remedy for your dog’s fleas. However, this can be quite effective in ridding your dog of fleas.

This involves mixing some apple cider vinegar with water. Then you can spray your dog’s coat to keep off fleas. In fact, you can also create a mixture for your dog to drink if they have fleas inside them. It’s quite easy. You just have to add 2 tablespoons of the vinegar into your dog’s drinking water. This is a very strong remedy but can certainly help to treat your dog effectively for fleas.

Brewer’s yeast

Here’s another of the natural flea remedies for dogs that you might be surprised about. Studies show that it can help to keep away fleas. You just add ½ teaspoon of the yeast at mealtime for your dog. If you have a larger dog you should add 1 teaspoon for each 30 pounds of body weight. This will be more effective for big dogs.

Another benefit of this remedy is that it’s very easy to find. So you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of time finding it.

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