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Is tea tree oil for dogs safe?

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You may have heard about using essential oils on your pets. And after hearing about that, you may also have wondered whether or not tea tree oil for dogs is safe or not. To simply answer that question, yes tea tree oil for dogs is completely safe to use. As long as you use it correctly, your dogs should not be harmed in any way if you decide to use tea tree oil products when you are bathing them. However, you should also be aware of a few things whenever you want to use tea tree oil on your dogs, or any other kind of product that contains tea tree oil. You will have to know about things such as the amount of oil that you should be using.

The amount of tea tree oil for dogs that you use has got to be measured carefully. Too much tea tree oil and you can actually harm your dog. This is because too much tea tree oil can actually cause adverse reactions in any kind of animal or even person. You should put no more than two or three drops on the whole bath that you are using for your dog. And you should use even less tea tree oil if you have got a small dog. If you have got a miniature-sized dog, then you should only use a maximum of one drop for your whole dog. If you use too much tea tree oil for your dog, then you can end up irritating their skin.

Tea tree oil for dogs is a wonderful product because it prevents and even kills fleas. So it is a great all around treatment for killing parasites that are present on your dog. And it even leaves your pets smelling really awesome as well.

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