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How to use essential oils for flea control for dogs?

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Essential oils actually work very well as flea control for dogs. The many properties of essential oils such as its fungicidal, bactericidal and insect repellant will mean that it works very well in controlling, killing and even preventing fleas and other insect parasites from multiplying in your dog’s fur. You should be using essential oils such as cedarwood, tea tree, thyme, citronella, and even lemongrass too. These kinds of essential oils will work wonders in helping you finally and fully rid your dog of any fleas that they may already have, and other parasites as well!

If you are preparing a flea bath for your pets, adding a few drops of essential oil into the water of the bath will work as an effective flea control for dogs. This is because essential oils contain properties and enzymes which can actually work very effectively in killing fleas, fungus and other kinds of parasites. You should only add several drops of pure essential oil to your dog’s bath. If you add too much, you can end up harming your dog. So try to measure exactly how many drops that you are adding to the bath of your dog for their flea control.

Instead of using drops of essential oil in the bath of your dogs, you can also look for shampoos or other kinds of pet cleaning products which contain essential oils. Using these kinds of pet shampoos on your dogs will work just as well as using any other kind of pure essential oil, in getting rid of your dog’s fleas. In fact, it may be more convenient for you to use these kinds of essential oil products for flea control for dogs. It will really work wonders in helping you kill fleas and even prevent them from spreading in your dogs as well.

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