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How to Treat Fleas on Dogs Using Tea Tree Oil

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Have you considered tea tree shampoo for how to treat fleas on dogs? You might be surprised that using an essential oil can be effective in help to keep fleas off your pet dog. However, it can be quite effective. It’s important to be aware of what the essential oil before deciding to use it as an anti-flea remedy.

Before talking about this way how to treat fleas on dogs it’s important to know what the essential oil actually is. The essential oil is also known as melaleuca. The substances is known as an antiseptic and for being able to treat wounds. The essential has been used in Australia for the past century and possibly longer.

In terms of tea tree oil shampoo as a way how to treat fleas on dogs studies over the past several decades have shown the essential oil has properties to kill various types of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It’s this property that explains why the product has been used to treat fleas on pets such as dogs.

Tea tree oil is also used for various home remedies for humans. That’s due to the various properties that can provide health benefits. One of various examples includes shampoo. However, not only is the essential oil used for human products, it’s also used for various products for pets, such as for anti-flea products. One of the various examples is an anti-flea product.

It’s highly recommended to use a commercial product for your pet. There are various reasons. The reason is it should be used with another product such as a shampoo, before it’s applied to your dog’s coat. It shouldn’t be used in its pure form and should be diluted first instead.

The good news is there are various anti-flea products for dogs on the market that include tea tree oil. This helps to give you many options so you can find the right one for your pet pooch.

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