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essential oils for fleas on dogs treatment

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If you are looking for essential oils for fleas on dogs, which you can use to get rid of those fleas, then you have come to the right place. Through this article, you will get to know which of the essential oils are actually safe to use on your dogs. When you use any of these kinds of essential oils to treat fleas on your dogs, you can rest assured that they are safe and will not harm your dog in any way at all. In fact, it may be better to use essential oils to treat your dog’s fleas because essential oils are actually natural!

  1. Cedar Oil – This essential oil not only kills fleas but also repels them as well. You can prevent ticks, fleas, and other kinds of insect parasites from multiplying or spreading onto your dog’s fur. Prevention is crucial if you do not want your dog to get any kind of flea infestation at all.
  2. Lemongrass Oil – Using this essential oil is a great idea because it can instantly kill or repel any fleas that are present in the four of your dogs. Lemongrass also has powerful microbe killing properties, so you can essentially disinfect your dog’s fur safely if you use this essential oil on it.
  3. Lavender Oil – Lavender oil will also relax your pets as well. This is because the smell of the essential oil has muscle relaxing properties. So when you give your dogs a bath that contains this essential oil, you are giving them a relaxing flea treatment.
  4. Thyme Oil – You will not just be able to get rid of fleas in your dog if you use this essential oils for fleas on dogs, you also get rid of bacteria and even fungus as well.

You should look into using essential oils for fleas on dogs, as an alternative to chemical flea treatments. If you love your pets you would use the best kind of flea treatment for them, which are these essential oils.

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