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Can you use cedar oil for fleas?

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Does your cat or dog have any fleas? If they do have any kind of fleas present on them, you should get it treated right away, and those fleas could multiply fast and even spread to your other pets as well. But before you purchase flea soap or powder, you should know that those kinds of flea treatments can be quite harsh on your pet and actually irritate their skin. There are other alternatives that are better for flea treatment. You can use cedar oil for fleas. Using this kind of essential oil, you are able to effectively get rid of any fleas that are present on your pets.

Using cedar oil for fleas is awesome because it works by killing all of the fleas instantly. Fleas are extremely sensitive to the microbe-killing properties of any kind of essential oil. And cedar oil is simply packed with those kinds of properties. And in addition to killing fleas that are already there on your pet, it also prevents them from trying to get on your pet as well. This is because cedar oil has got insect repelling properties as well. So you can stop fleas from trying to get on your cat or dog, by giving them regular baths of cedar oil.

So as you can see, using cedar oil for fleas instead of powder is a much better idea. If you would like your pet to be comfortable when you are giving them a bath, cedar essential oil is your best option. Cedar oil also smells great, so your pet will smell really good after you give them a bath containing some cedar oil. You really must use cedar oil for fleas, because it really works. And aside from killing and preventing fleas from spreading on your pet, you can also clean your pet more effectively using this essential oil.

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