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3 essential oils for fleas

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Using an essential oil, which is naturally extracted from plants, can be an effective treatment for fleas. If you plan on using essential oils for fleas in your cats or dogs, then you should know about the different kinds of essential oils that work best in flea treatment. If you use these different kinds of essential oils for fleas, then you are sure to be able to get rid of them completely when you are using it on your pets. So whenever your pet has some kind of flea problem, reach for that essential oil instead of that flea powder or soap.

Citronella oil – This is a great essential oil to use for flea treatments because citrus-based oils are very effective at killing fleas. And unlike other citrus oils, citronella will not irritate or harm your pet. So you will not have to worry about any adverse effects when you use this kind of essential oil.

Lavender oil – This is one of the essential oils for fleas that will work great for a number of different reasons. Not only does the lavender oil kill off the fleas living in the fur of your pet, it also calms your pet down as well. So you will have a much easier time giving your cat or dog a flea bath if you add a few drops of lavender oil in their bath.

Lemongrass oil – This kind of essential oil is really great at providing a cleansing bath for the fur of your pets. Killing the fleas living in the fur of your pets is just an additional benefit that you can gain from using Lemongrass oil on the fur of your pets. You can use some of these essential oils for fleas if you would like to get rid of them. It is sure to leave your pet clean, smelling great and also free from fleas as well!

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